St. Teresa’s Academy’s endowment is comprised of financial asset donations made in the form of cash, investment funds or other property which make up the principal of our Endowment Fund. The principal of our Endowment Fund remains intact for the benefit of St. Teresa’s in perpetuity. A designated portion of the income generated from the principal is awarded to students in the form of scholarships and financial aid while the remaining income is reinvested. A formal investment policy provides guidelines for the governing of the investment activities.   

Each year, nearly 40% of STA families receive tuition assistance in the form of scholarships, financial aid, and discounts. The Endowment Fund assists the school in meeting these financial needs; remaining costs must be covered by our operating budget. In addition, our endowment also provides relief to families in financial crisis and supports students who utilize our work-study program.

Your support, no matter how large or small, will directly benefit the young women of this Academy by providing a lasting source of financial assistance for current and future students. Please assist us as we continue to recognize academic achievement, encourage diversity, and provide much needed financial assistance to worthy students through the use of STA’s Endowment Fund. Help us to continue to support the bright and hopeful young women of St. Teresa’s Academy who are determined to make a difference in our world and truly become the best individuals they can be.