National Honor Society

Gabriella Mesa** - Leadership Chair - *Lauren Wittek
Maggie Fielder** - Scholarship Chair - *Mary Massman
Jordan Klumb** - Service Chair - *Olivia DeSantis
Macy Bauers** - Character Chair - *Ava Lee
Audrey Giersch** - Finance & Publicity Chair - *Faith Andrews-O'Neal

*Indicates 2019-2020 Officer           **Indicates 2018-2019 Officer

2018-2019 Members
Seniors (Inducted, Spring 2018)Lily Altenhofen, Brianne Arello, Caroline Armstrong, Sydney Baker, Natalie Barber, Olivia Barrett, Grace Berghoff, Maureen Burns, Addison Coppinger, Katherine Coppinger, Cecilia Curran, Olivia Davison, Reilly Donnelly, Leah Dorris, Maddie Douglass, Brooke Eldridge, Nicole Ficklin, Isabelle Fleming, Lorna Green, Cecilia Hodes, Lucy Hodes, Hannah Jirousek, Rhianna Jones, Julia Kerrigan, Jane Kincaid, Lenytte Matos, Kathryn McCabe, Olivia Michka, Mary Mohajir, Jillian Morrison, Arleigh Perkins, Faith Rauen, Margaux Renee, Emily Robyn, Olivia Rose, Sophia Shugart, Brynn Slattery, Paloma Solorio, Paige Sopyla, Gabrielle Staker, Ellery Stubbers, Mary Sullivan, Annabelle Tangen, Margaret Thompson, Lucy Whittaker, Olivia Wirtz. (Inducted, Spring 2019) Pauline Johnson, Natalie Talep.
Juniors (Inducted, Spring 2019)Lauren Adriano, Rose Ammatelli, Lucy Bailey, Claudia Benge, Giovanna Caime, Delilah Chavis, Cari Compton, Emily Cory, Grace Decker, Sophia Durone, Brooke Fallis, Lauren Fallis, Julia Flores, Maggie Grams, Mary Grace Greene, Olivia Grego, Lily Hart, Delaney Hupke, Katherine Kallas, Mary Kaplan, Nicole Kuehn, Molly Langdon, Elianna Lee, Sydney Lystad, Elise McGhie, Trang Nguyen, Ella Norton, Emma Peck, Grace Pence, Reagan Penn, Isabella Petry, Olivia Richardson, Annie Riffel, Anna Ronan, Maggie Rowland, Amy Schaffer, Elizabeth Schirger, Elle Schloegel, Molly Sexton, Sadie Shugart, Anne Sulzer, Sierra Thut, Cezanne Tolbert, Macie Washington, Caroline Willis 

2020 Induction Ceremony - March 24th, 2020

The 2019-2020 Application will be available November 15. The deadline for submitting applications is December 1 at 11:59 pm. Incoming members are notified of selection by Mid-January.
The following documents will be included in your resume, if you would like to use them for a template as you complete service hours and fill-in your resume. Each document outlines the criteria for service and leadership that is evaluated in the application. Remember to include all service hours, not just the 15 hour requirement. Selection into NHS is based on the following criteria and is a holistic review process, with equal weight placed on scholarship, service, leadership, and character.​

Selection Criteria:

  • Current Junior or senior. 
  • Hold a 93. cumulative GPA or higher at the end of the previous academic year. Membership must maintain a 93*. GPA to remain a member of National Honor Society. 
  • Minimum of 15 hours of service to STA*: between March 15 of the application year and the application deadline. Eligible hours must be beyond already required STA service hours for an STA scholarship, club or organization.  
  • Minimum of 15 hours of service to Kansas City community*: between March 15 of the application year and the application deadline. Hours must be performed at a not-for-profit agency, organization, church or school. Community hours as part of the 90 graduation requirement may not be used, but additional hours at your agency may be used.
  • Leadership and activities
  • Character: review of SBR history
  • Essays

*Annual requirements for NHS

Each year the members of the National Honor Society sponsor Culver's Nights to benefit the STA Student Emergency Fund. Members participate in various service projects throughout the year including STA Back-to-School Night, peer tutoring, and numerous STA and community based events. NHS members are also responsible for the campus wide ink cartridge recycling program.